Well, Solocycles is actually not us but me. I am the only person involved with this site and company. I do recruit help from time to time to help out with certain projects.
i.e the Custom six pack.

I have been in the bicycle business since 1984 and have been involved with cycling since 1975. I have worked for many bike shops in sales & repair and spent over twelve
years in the manufacturing end working for a tandem mfg. in So California. I enjoy collecting, repairing and restoring classic bicycles as well as riding them.
I do all the mechanic work, frame repair, aligning, repainting, wheel building and re assembly all my self. I do any and all the brazing and welding my self as well.
I find bikes and parts in yard sales, pawn shops, thrift stores and eBay.

If you send me an email wanting a request for a quote to do a repair or repaint, don't be surprised if I don't want the job.
I am a one man operation and I usually don't have time to take on other peoples projects. By buying and selling classic bikes, I can set my pace for a restoration instead of
worrying about keeping a customers personal bike too long and not having it done when he/she wants it. Since I do all the work my self, I can do it exactly how I want it.
  "The right way"

Call or email me if you like and I my surprise you. I will either say No, Yes..But, or refer you to someone else. (if they are available) I do have a regular full time job as well so
trying to fit other peoples projects in to my schedule is a bit difficult.

If you have a bike or parts you would like to sell or give to a good home, feel free to contact me as well. If we work something out, the bike will just sit here until I have time to
get on that project. But please do contact me. email is the best and easiest way to get me.

                                                                    So... that said, Please sit back and check out my site and enjoy Solocycles.com

Mark Finley
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